Elev8 Corporate Social Responsibility

At Elev8, we recognize the importance of credibility, integrity and trustworthiness to our success as a business. We are committed to upholding high ethical standards in all our operations, everywhere in the world. We believe in the principles of honesty, fairness, and respect for individual and community freedoms.

Operating in a responsible and sustainable manner is important to Elev8 Industries. While we run our business in line with the expectations of diverse global stakeholders, we also see corporate responsibility as a discipline that helps us to manage risks and maximize on the opportunities presented to us in a changing world.

We take our corporate responsibility seriously as an employer, manufacturer, investor and a consumer. We are committed to understanding, monitoring and managing our social, environmental and economic impact to enable us to contribute to society’s wider goal of sustainable development. We aim to demonstrate these responsibilities through our actions and within our corporate policies.

We focus our Corporate Social Responsibility activities in the following key impact areas:


Our ability to deliver products is dependent on a talented, engaged workforce. To this end, we are focused on making Elev8 a place where people feel supported, can develop their skills, and have a clear understanding of our business objectives. We are committed to ensuring that our entire business is conducted according to rigorous professional, ethical and legal standards. To support this, we have developed a Statement of Values and Business Ethics Code, which seeks to define what we stand for as an organization, and to bring employees together under a clear common purpose.

Additionally, we:

  • Operate an equal opportunities policy for all present and potential future employees
  • Offer our employees clear and fair terms of employment and provide resources to enable their continual development
  • Maintain a clear and fair employee remuneration policy and maintain forums for employee consultation and business involvement.

Health & Safety

We shall provide, and strive to maintain, a clean, healthy and safe working environment Providing a workplace where our employees feel safe is not only a legal obligation, but a fundamental factor in building their engagement with the Company.


  • Customers

We are in business to deliver value to our customers. All that we do is geared to providing world class products and the best possible customer experience. We have a passion for excellence and we take pride in our ability to provide new and exciting designs and high quality at an affordable price. We aim for true customer satisfaction by understanding our customer’s wants and needs and building partnerships to support them. We will register and resolve customer complaints in accordance with our published standards of service. We will operate in a way that safeguards against unfair business practices.

  • Supply chains

    We aim to work actively with our suppliers who commit to our values, especially in reference to fair employment and good environmental practice. We recognize the importance of the supply chain and we are committed to developing secure relationships based on mutual trust for mutual benefit.


    We are committed to making a sustainable positive impact on the communities in which we operate. We aim to make a distinctive contribution to inequality and social development through the establishment of effective partnerships and programs that make best use of the energies and skills of our employees. We support our employees in fundraising for charities and voluntary work, recognizing both the benefit to the community and to the employees themselves.

    Elev8 and Corporate Social Responsibility

    Elev8 is actively engaged in charitable activities. We at Elev8 recognize the concept of corporate social responsibility and want our philanthropic work to have impact beyond the things we do as a company. We want to help make a difference in our community through our Charitable Giving Program.

    The Elev8 Charitable Giving Program

    Charitable Giving of our time and money is a way of life for us at Elev8. Elev8 Charitable Giving is a simple and easy way for you to help us support featured charitable organizations dedicated to the focus on our collective future, children.   By shopping at our webstore, a portion of your purchase will be used to support our featured charities – you participate not only by shopping on our webstore, but by directing the donation we make to the featured charity of your choice as part of the checkout process. So help support us in the giving of our time and money to these awesome charitable organizations!

    Elev8 will donate a portion of the purchase price from all eligible purchases. The purchase price is the amount paid for the item, excluding shipping, handling, taxes or service charges. From time to time, Elev8 may offer special, limited time promotions that increase the donation amount on one or more products or services or provide for additional donations to charitable organizations.

    Responsibility and Accountability

    Our Chief Executive assumes ultimate accountability for Corporate Social Responsibility supported by the management team.

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